Does HEB Take Apple Pay, Google Pay And Samsung Pay As Of 2024?

Does HEB Take Apple Pay, Google Pay And Samsung Pay As Of 2024?

Are you new shopper at HEB or a regular grocer and you are maybe wondering if they have adopted the use of contactless payment method like Apple Pay. Well currently, HEB doesn’t make use apple pay at their stores.

They haven’t stated any reason why they choose not to adopt it. However, the founder and CEO of HEB stated that the grocery store would start using Apple pay probably in the nearest future. At the moment, HEB support other contactless payment method like google pay and Samsung Pay. They also have their own payment method known as HEB Go. Later in he article, I will explain more about all their payment options, locations and if they accept traditional payment method. Learn More: Does Kroger Accept Google Pay?

Don’t forget you can always use the comments section to ask questions and we will try to answer you as accurately as possible. That being said, let’s go ahead and discuss the main topic.

Does HEB Take Apple Pay As Of 2023?

Does HEB Take Apple Pay? 

Unfortunately, HEB doesn’t take Apple Pay as of 2023. They make use of other contactless payment method including HEB Go but they don’t support paying for groceries with Apple Pay. There’s no definite reason why the company hasn’t integrated the use of Apple Pay but hopefully they would add it to the existing ones.

Other forms of payment like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, credit card, Venmo, visa card, gift cards etc, are accepted. Probably because HEB is not located everywhere in the United States, Canada or Australia.

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What is Apple Pay All About 

Apple Pay is a fast, secure and reliable means of making contactless payment. It is a popular digital payments software developer by Apple inc. Apple Pay is widely known and used in the united states. Almost every retailers, grocery store and fastfood joint make use of Apple pay contactless payment. However, most brands like HEB still don’t use it for reasons best known for them.

Does HEB Have Location Everywhere In America?

No, HEB is only located in Texas. They have over 400 stores in Houston, Texas. They are currently beginning to expand the brand’s location in some part of the united states but not much.

What is HEB Go All About?

Since HEB does not take Apple Pay in their stores, they have their own brand payment method. It’s called HEB Go. HEB Go support all types of mobile devices, you can install it from Apple Store for your iOS device or Android phone. After downloading, add your credit card details and you can use it to make payments whenever you shop and want to check out.

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Does HEB Accept Traditional payment methods?

Yes, since HEB does not take Apple Pay, they generally accept traditional payment methods like cash or credit cards. After you’re done shopping, you can pay with Cash or use Google pay, Samsung Pay, credit card, Mastercard or Visa card.

What Mobile Wallets Does HEB Accept 

1. Apple Pay?

HEB doesn’t support the use of Apple pay during checkout. The is yet to add it to their list it supported payment method.

They however, accept cash and credit card in place of apple pay. They generally accept HEB Go which serve the same purpose as apple pay.

2. Google Pay

HEB accept Google pay. As an Android user, make sure you have Google pay on your device, sign in your cards details and whenever you want to shop at HEB simply choose google pay as means of paying for your shopping.

3. Samsung Pay

Samsung users can seamlessly use Samsung Pay to pay during checkout. HEB doesn’t support the use of Apple pay but they have no issue with Samsung Pay.

 Do You Get Rewards Shopping at HEB with HEB Go?

Yes, there’s a program on the HEB Go App that gives it users coupon code. This coupon is used at during checkout to reduce the cost of goods bought. HEB Go is fast, secure and reliable.

It performs similar tasks like Apple Pay and other forms of payment.

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