How Much Is Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today (AbokiFX)

How Much Is Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today (AbokiFX)

Do you want to exchange your dollar to naira today through Black market rate? blazingOnline is your sure plug for the current exchange rate in the black market today. We will show you how the Aboki rate works and why it’s the best. Let’s proceed with to know what dollar to naira today, February, 20, 2024.

The black market rate of dollar to naira is not constant, what this means is that the price of buying dollar today can be high at some point and can drop the next day.or hour, same goes with the naira. But you’d benefits the most if you’re the one selling your dollar.

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People mostly opt for the AbokiFX rate or black market rate because it way higher than the bank. Bank rate which is directly from the Central Bank of Nigeria is usually low.

To see the most accurate black market dollar rate in all 36 state of Nigeria, we usually consult sites like blazingOnline, NgnRates, NairaToday, AbokiFX, and many more.

Dollar To Naira Black Market Rate Today (Aboki) 

The exchange rate of Dollar To Naira Black Market or Aboki today February 20,2024 at Bureau De Change (BDC). According to sources, NairaToday, as against yesterday were it was traded at ₦‎1,690, Abuja Zone 4 market, some Nigerians said a dollar were bought at ₦‎1,690 and sold at ₦‎1,700 today.

The rate of buying $1 still remains ₦1,700, this means you can sell your dollar at the price of ₦1,690 -1700. Note that prices may differ at various locations. The current rate of buying dollar in Abuja, Lagos and Kano still remains as shown below.

Buying Rate:   ₦1,690
Selling Rate: ₦1,700

Black Market/Aboki Rate Exchange Table Today

The table below outlines the black market prices for some standard denominations of dollars today. Since the buying rate fluctuate, it was  mostly bought at ₦1,690, the figure is multiply it by the denomination in dollars. For example, to convert $5, we multiply it by ₦1,700.

What is the exchange rate of dollar to naira today black market.

Denomination in Dollar($) Black Market Exchange Rate Today in Naira
5 ₦8,500
10 ₦17,000
20 ₦34,000
50 ₦85,000
100 ₦170,000
150 ₦255,000
200 ₦340,000
300 ₦510,000
350 ₦595,000
400 ₦680,000
500 ₦850,000
800 ₦1,360,000
1000 ₦1,700,000

As of today, February 20,2024, the Central Bank of Nigeria sells at ₦1537 and buys at ₦1537. This price can be obtained from the CBN website here Over the past week, there has been a reduction in the CBN rate.

CAD To Naira Black Market Rate today? 

The Canadian Dollars sold at ₦1137 and were bought at ₦1100. Canadian dollars is not listed on the official currency page of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

How much is $1000 black market rate today?

$1000 USD to naira Black market rate is ₦1,700,000.

How much is $5000 black market rate or Aboki rate today?

As of February, 20, 2024, $5000 is being traded at the rate of ₦8,500,000.

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