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On this page, you’d get the exchange rate of all currencies more especially dollar to naira rate today. On our blogs, we will be sharing daily exchange rate of dollar to naira Black market or Aboki rate.

Please note that black market rate of dollar to naira isn’t the same as CBN rate. To see how much is dollar to naira today via CBN rate, visit their website here. .

The black market rate also known as the aboki rate is a form of trading the dollar currency physically between a buyer and a seller.

The black market rate of dollar to naira is not constant, what this means is that no price of buying dollar today can be high today and can drop the next day, same goes with the naira. But you’d benefits the most if you’re the one selling your dollar.

People mostly opt for the AbokiFX rate or black market rate because it way higher than the bank. Bank rate which is directly from the Central Bank of Nigeria is usually low.

To see the most accurate black market dollar rate in all 36 state of Nigeria, we usually consult sites like NgnRates, NairaToday, AbokiFX, and many more.

No matter the currency you have you can check the bank rate below. Please note that the Below rate is the general rate for dollar to naira.

[currency_bcc type=”auto” w=”0″ h=”0″ c=”4f7ccb” fc=”FFFFFF” a=”1″ f=”USD” t=”NGN” g=”on” sh=”on” b=”on” fl=”on” p=”c” cs=”” s=”off” mf=”1″ df=”2″ d=”2″ su=”off” lang=”en-US”]

How do is exchange my dollar to naira today through Black market rate

There’s a reason why its called the aboki rate, for this transaction to happen, they are people or traders called Bureau De Change (BDC). They buy and sell all currencies. To locate one, you’d mostly find them around popular markets area. They also have permanent locations in each states so you don’t need to ask around for long before you find them.

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