How To Check Burger King Gift Card Balance

How To Check Burger King Gift Card Balance

Have you ever considered a simpler way to check your Burger King Gift Card Balance, whether online or in-store? I’m delighted to guide you through this process. Before we dive in, let’s explore a bit about this renowned fast-food restaurant and its origins.

Burger King (BK), the iconic American fast-food chain, traces its roots back to 1953 when it was known as InstaBurger King.

Over the years, the company evolved under the stewardship of franchisees David Edgerton and James McLamore, ultimately becoming the widely recognized “Burger King.” In this article, I will write in detail how to check your Burger King (BK) gift card balance online, in-store or on the phone.

How to Check Your Gift Card Balance Online

To effortlessly check your Burger King Gift Card Balance online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit, scroll down to “Check Your BK Crown Gift Card Balance” Section.
  1. In the “CHECK YOUR BK® CROWN CARD BALANCE” field, enter your card number and email address then click on “check balance.”
  1. Instantly access the details of your gift card. In the email section, your balance can also be sent to your email too.

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How Do You Check Your Balance In-Store?

For an in-person check, Burger King stores offer card balance services. Utilize the Store Locator:

  1. Access the address of nearby stores using the Store Locator.
  2. Enter your zip code or state name in the search bar, then press “Search.”
  3. Review the results and choose the nearest store location for a visit.
How To Check Burger King Gift Card Balance Online and In-store
$5 Gift Card

How To Check Your BK Balance with Customer Service

If you prefer customer service assistance for a balance check, follow these steps:

  1. Dial 1-866-394-2493 for online customer support service.
  2. Pay careful attention to the provided instructions.
  3. Choose a helpline extension for card balance, enter your card number, and wait for balance information.

Where You Can Use Your Gift Card?

Burger King gift cards are versatile and can be used by members on and at Burger King stores.

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How Do You Replace a Stolen or Lost Gift Card?

In case of lost or stolen gift cards, visit your nearest store with the original receipt. Replacement is only possible with the original receipt.

How To Use Your BK Gift Card Without a PIN

If your gift card lacks a PIN, online usage is not possible. However, you can still use it at a store. While checking the balance without a PIN is not feasible, you can obtain a new card with a PIN at any Burger King store.

How to add gift card to Burger King App

  1. Opt for “ADD A BK CROWN CARD” at the checkout.

  2. Input your gift card information and click on SAVE.

  3. Your purchase amount will be subtracted from your card balance. In case of insufficient funds, you’ll be asked to provide an alternative payment method for the remaining balance.

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Where Can I Redeem My Burger King gift card?

You can only redeem your eGift card at participating Burger King restaurants in the United States and Guam.

“This BK Gift Card cannot be redeemed for cash, except where required by law. The following states require cash redemption once the BK Gift Card has the following amounts (or less) remaining on such BK Gift Card:
  • California: $10.00
  • Colorado: $5.00
  • Connecticut: $5.00
  • Hawaii: $5.00
  • Maine: $5.00
  • Massachusetts: $5.00
  • Montana: $5.00
  • New Jersey: $5.00
  • Oregon: $5.00
  • Rhode Island: $1.00
  • Texas: $2.50
  • Vermont: $1.00
  • Washington: $5.00″
Please note that the BK Crown Gift Card can not be redeemed online for cash.

BK crown card number (16 digits)

The BK gift card code can be found at the back of the card. Right after the barcode is your 16 digits code.

Does burger king sell gift cards in store in nigeria

As of 2024 it seems the popular US burger franchise has established their branch in Nigeria.

To access the Nigerian burger king site, follow this link On the home page, you’d be asked to input your address to find the nearest BK outlet around you.

Where do I buy BK gift card online in Nigeria?

To purchase your own burger king Gift Card online in Nigeria, please type this url in your preferred browser, from there you can select the denomination of gift card you want then pay the equivalent in Naira.

How do I apply to work at BK Nigeria?

Well it’s simple and straightforward. Just make sure your CV is ready, click on the site, navigate to career section and click on it. You can simply use this link You’d be asked to fill in your First Name, Last Name, Job Role and then your CV. Click on submit as soon as you’re done.

Does burger king sell gift cards in store in usa

Yes, Burger King does offer gift cards at its outlets in all 50 states across the United States. You can conveniently purchase an eGift card from any of their major stores. Simply select the card you desire and proceed to pay at the cashier.

How do I reload my BK crown gift card?

It can take up to 4 hours for your gift card balance to be reloaded. All you need to do is follow this steps.

  1. Visit the BK Crown Gift Card section here Scroll down to the section where you’d see different options on what tasks to do on site.

  2. Click on the Reload a BK Crown Gift Card. The page will open up with a section for you to input your 16 digits code.

  3. Input your 16 digits code and then click and verify the captcha. Click on Next and you will be sent an email address.  The rest of the steps is just straight forward.

Can I purchase BK Crown Gift Card in Bulk?

Yes you can. Please visit this link , the minimum bulk order is $1000. Denomination is from $5-$500. Whether you want to treat your staffs, friends or family, the bulk order option is the best offer.

Sign up and select the amount of BK Crown Gift Card you want to order and it will be Delivered to you. If you want a self serving online delivery, you can visit this link.

Can you earn discounts on volume purchases?

Certainly! When you make large orders at Burger King, you’ll receive discounted prices for your purchases.

Final Thoughts

To check your burger king Gift Card Balance is very simple and straightforward. You can check online by visiting BK Crown official website, while using the App or in-store.

To check your balance on the phone, simply dial BK Crown customer support Hotline +1-866-394-2493. Follow the instructions and your gift card balance would be read out to you.

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