How To Check Fandango Gift Card Balance On All Your Devices

How To Check Fandango Gift Card Balance On All Your Devices

As a movie lover who recently just used the fandango gift card to go see a movie, you must be wondering how to check your available gift card balance on your device.

After a great evening in the theatre, you aren’t sure how much is left on your gift card balance. Well, you have nothing to worry about. I will walk you through the processes of checking your fandango balance.

Before I go deep into today’s topic, let’s take a look at what fandango really is about and how to use its gift cards.

Fandango is a popular platform which enables you to buy tickets for any movie you want to go watch. Getting their gift card is a great idea because you don’t need to use your regular debit or credit card to pay for movie tickets no more, all you need is your fandango gift card. Fandango is generally used all over the United States.

How To Check Fandango Gift Card Balance On All Your Devices
$25 fandango gift card

How do I check my fandango gift card balance on my device?

Generally, to get started, your phone, PC or tablet needs to have internet connection, your gift card pin and the details on the card should be available too. If you have your card details available, just pick any of the options I will mention below to check your fandango gift card balance.

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How to check your fandango gift card balance Online

  1. Pick your favourite browser, maybe chrome, safari, or Opera Mini.

  2. Click on this page to access the fandango official website to check your balance.

  3. Next thing you need to do is to key in the number on the card, it’s usually 19 a digits number located at the back of the card. Please make sure you type the numbers correctly so that it doesn’t decline your request.

4. Type your card PIN. The pin is always required for security reasons. Without the pin, another unauthorized user can use your card without your permission.

  1. When you are done with the above instructions, below the screen of your device your should see “Check Balance“. Click it and the page will load and display your available balance on your fandango gift card.

How To Contact Fandango Live Chat Support For Quick Assistance

Fandango live chat aren’t available 24/7. Their working hours is between 6 AM to 10 PM PST.

  1. Navigate to fandango contact page on their website.

  2. Below the page you’d see an orange live chat support. Click on it and their chatbot will ask you some questions.

  3. Among the questions, you should click on “check gift card balance“, the chatbot will ask you if you were able to get help. Click on NO, the next question will be “If you want to chat with an agent” Click on YES.

  4. You will be connected to any available agent at the moment to help you with checking your fandango gift card balance.

  5. Before your discussion with the customer support, make sure your card number and pin is available. As soon as you are connected to an agent, table your request, and provide your card details. Within a short time you should know how much you have as your balance.

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How To Check Your Fandango Gift Card Balance On The Phone

For the record, fandango contact number isn’t toll-free. This means you need to have a call credit on your phone to be able to make the phone call.

  1. The fandango contact phone number is  (866) 857-5191.

  2. When you make the call, please follow the instructions asked by the agent. Inform the Agent you want to check your fandango gift card balance and don’t forget to provide your card details.

Where Can I Buy Fandango Gift Card?

To purchase the fandango gift card, you can visit the official website at and make a purchase. When you pick your choice of gift card on their website, your contact information will be required of you for delivery. Another option is to use retail stores like Walmart or Amazon as they could have physical fandango gift cards available.

Can I Reload, Redeem Or Exchange My Fandango Gift Card for Cash?

Unfortunately you can’t. Fandango gift cards are only meant for purchasing movie tickets. You can’t reload it when you exhaust your balance. Likewise you can’t exchange it for cash. When you run out of movies purchase unit, the only option is to get another card.


I am glad you read to this point. As you enjoy watching and paying for your movies tickets, to check your fandango available gift card balance, you can do that online via their official website.

If you prefer one-on-one discussion, you can use their contact phone number or use the live chat service on their contact page website.

They also provided option for email, although their response would be delivered within 72hrs. Whichever means you want, with just a click of the button, you are good to go. 

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