How To Check Your Uber Gift Card Balance

How To Check Your Uber Gift Card Balance

Are you new to the world of ordering ride with Uber, and you’re wondering how to check you gift card balance before you order from UberEATS? Say less, I will address common issues and point you to the right direction for immediate assistance. Before then, let’s know a little about Uber.

Uber, a popular brand across the United States, United kingdom has risen to become one major brand that is used for ordering ride and food. On the other hand, Uber gift cards offer great ways to pay for rides and UberEats orders.

But how can you ensure you’re aware of your card’s balance? Here’s a guide to help you check your Uber gift card balance and a FAQ, addressing common concerns.

How Can I Check My Uber Gift Card Balance Online?

To check your Uber gift card balance online is straightforward. Follow these steps:

1. Log in to Your Uber Account: Visit and log in to your Uber account.

2. Access Wallet: Click on the menu icon in the top left corner and select “Wallet.”

3. Navigate to Gift Cards: Choose the “Gift Cards” tab to view your balance.

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Can I Check My Balance In The Uber App?

Absolutely! You can also check your Uber gift card balance directly through the Uber app. Want to know how? Follow the steps below:

1. Open the App: Launch the Uber app on your device.

2. Access Wallet: Tap the menu icon, then select “Wallet.”

3. View Gift Card Balance: Under the “Gift Cards” tab, you’ll find your current balance in the currency it came in. Note that you can’t switch currencies.

How To Check Your Uber Gift Card Balance

Where Can I Find My Gift Card Number To Check The Balance?

Your Uber gift card number is important for checking your balance. Here’s how to find it:

1. Logging in to Uber: Sign in to your Uber account at

2. Accessing Gift Cards: Click on “Wallet” and select “Gift Cards.”

3. Add Gift Card: If necessary, click “Add Gift Card” to reveal the card number.

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How Can I Check My Uber Gift Card Balance By Phone?

Note that Uber phone line isn’t toll-free.  To contact Uber support for balance inquiry or other questions, dial this number 1-800-593-7069.

What Happens If My Gift Card Isn’t Showing The Right Balance. What Should I Do?

If discrepancies arise, here what to do to rectify the situation:

1. You Need To Verify Balance: Double-check your balance via the app or website.

2. Review Ride History: Confirm recent rides to reconcile your balance. Where there times you took a late night ride without remembering, go through your ride history to confirm first.

3. Lastly, Contact Uber Support: If you’ve done the above and you still think your balance should be greater than it is and maybe the issue is from Uber, please reach out to Uber support with your gift card number for assistance.

Can I Transfer My Gift Card Balance To My Bank Account?

Direct transfers to bank accounts aren’t available, but you there are alternatives:

1. Utilize for Rides or Uber Eats: Use the balance for services.

2. Exchange for Account Credit: Convert the balance to Uber account credit.

3. Request Refund: Contact Uber support to refund the balance to your original payment method.

4. Redeem for Cash: A lot of gift cards vendors buy Uber Gift Cards. You can trade it for cash as long as you live in a state which support exchanging of gift cards for cash. 

Does Uber Gift Cards Expires? 

No, Uber gift cards never expire. But you can redeem the remaining balance by:

1. Logging In: Access your account on

2. Redeem Balance: Locate the expired card in “Wallet” and click “Redeem Balance.”

Can I Redeem A Partial Gift Card From Uber?

Certainly! Follow these steps:

1. Add to Account: Incorporate the gift card into your Uber account.

2. Payment Method: When ordering, select the gift card, and only deduct the necessary amount.

3. Remaining Balance: Any leftover balance remains for future transactions.


From everything on this article, I have outlined a detailed way to check you Uber gift card balance. Like I you know, there’s Uber and UberEATS. Uber is generally for ordering ride and UberEATS is for food.

They also provide special packages for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and more. If you want a career at Uber, below the FAQ, I have mentioned a link to over 409 roles which is open at Uber. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Uber and UberEATS Gift Cards

What Happens If My Uber Gift Card Is Lost Or Stolen?

The best action you should take is to reach out to Uber support immediately to safeguard your balance. 

Can I Add Multiple Gift Cards To One Uber Account?

Yes, you can add up to multiple gift cards to a single Uber  account. Remember you can spend your Uber gift card balance on rides or enjoy takeout food from the eatery.

Do Uber Gift Cards Expire?

No, they remain valid indefinitely. 

Can I Use My Gift Card For Uber Rides In another City?

Yes, Uber gift cards are usable globally. However, the limitations here is that you can’t use an Uber gift card you purchased from the US in another city in the UK. Unless you’re using the Uber App.

Can you use starbucks gift cards on UberEATS

No you can’t use Uber gift card at Starbucks. This are two different companies okay. You can only use Starbucks gift cards when you buy something from Starbucks likewise Uber. You can spend you Uber gift card balance on Uber Ride or UberEATS.

Can You Get free UberEATS gift card?

Yes, with platforms like Swagbucks, when you perform everyday tasks like streaming songs, watching videos online, surveys and other little things, you would get a free UberEATS gift card. Here you can read more on how to get free $5 dollar gift card from Swagbucks.

UberEATS gift card balance online and in-store

As an Uber user, you can check you balance online on the website or mobile App. If you’re logged in, at the top right corner of you screen, select “Payment” from the menu and you credit amount balance should display in the currency you added it with.

In the case you wish to check you gift card balance in-store, you’d need to visit a physical store. Use your phone to search for “The nearest UberEATS store” around you. Drive down there and inform the customer service you want to check you card balance. It’s preferable to use the mobile App since its very convenient.

UberEATS career

In case you need a job at Uber, maybe as a delivery driver, chauffeur for prestige personalities, sales representative, manager or any available roles, please refer to Uber career section for more information.

How To Check UberEATS Location Near me

It’s pretty easy to get information about the nearest location of UberEATS around you .

1. Follow this link to the official UberEATS location website.

2. On the front page, type your address in the search bar. It would show you all the available Uber physical store around you.

3. Click on “FIND FOOD” below to find the nearest location around you.

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